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QR Codes – How these can help your business marketing strategy

Have you noticed those little black and white squiggly squares popping up everywhere on everything you read? Well these are what we call “Quick Response Codes” or simply referred to as a QR Code.

What you’re suppose to do, is scan the QR code with a special barcode scanning app on your smartphone. It will either give you more information about a product or lead you to a discount voucher. It may even take you to a specific landing page on a website.

In the digital era in which we live, QR Codes are a smart, trendy and effective way for marketing your business.

Our #1 tip to help enhance your business marketing strategy: Add the QR code on the back of your business card so that when people scan the code it takes the user directly to your company website.

Here are 5 benefits to using QR Codes:

1. Bridge the Gap

QR Codes are a great way to help bridge the gap between print and online media. If you put them on your printed media for example you can take your users to your online pages. Either you want to attract awareness to what your company is all about or perhaps you want to attract the visitor to watch a new video about new products you’ve launched. At the bottom of the QR Code could add something like, “Scan this code to see something new”. This feature will attract twice as many visitors to your website like never before.

2. Grow Your Customer Base

Create codes that are linked to your business’s Facebook page. If people are passing by and see your QR code, they can scan your code instantly and “like” your page right there and then. That’s how you will get instant likes and you will be building your following too. You can also create discount codes that are unique to every QR code and different promotions. Like “Scan now for a 10% off discount voucher”, another great way to building your customer base.

3. Trackable

Before, it was nearly impossible to measure if the printed leaflets that you distributed actually got to the end user or dumped in a bin, but, with QR codes, you can easily track who is actually reading your ads or not. Interested to find out which medium like magazines or newspapers in which you place ads are more effective? Well, a QR code is just what you need to track results based on the number of scans you receive.

4. Create Excitement by Creating A Mystery

People will be curios and excited to find out what extra benefits they can get by scanning your QR code. If you’re advertising business education, you could write something like, “Scan the QR code for a free video series about tips to grow your business” for example. It’s a free, added value to the customer which they will benefit and appreciate.

5. Inexpensive Tool

Adding QR codes is another low-cost marketing strategy easy to implement with very limited downside and HUGE upside potential. Seems everyone is glued to their smartphones these days hence why QR Codes are so on trend right now that you want to try them out! It might just get you new customers, more business and more exposure.

Go ahead, give it a shot – Let us help you see the results.

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